Photo "Soul of Sir Hitchcock" chosen to top 50 - Asia Travel Photographer 2016
The shot will be exhibit in prestigeous gallery MAPKL White Box in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
TPA2016 Asia
Honourable mention in prestigeous photo competition: International Photographer of the Year 2015
The finalist of the prestigeous photo contest HIPA 2015 "Life in colur"
HIPA 2015
FIAP Gold Medal Capadoccia 2014 Salon - Turkey
cutting edge
FIAP Honourable Mention, Carpatian Drag Salon 2014 - Ukraine
Photo CLub Arizona Silver medal
UPI & PCA Honourable mention
PCA Salon 2014
FIAP Honourable Mention Salon KULA 2014 - Serbia
Photo Federation of Argentina "FAF International" 2013 Praise
tierra del fuego
Gold PSA Medal - Circuit Tourism 2013 Serbia
& 2 Salon Prises - Vidim 2013, Bulgaria
FIAP Honourable Mention - Carpatian Photovernisage, Ukraine, VIII 2013
Salon Brown Medal - 12° Salón Internacional de Imagen Virtual
Buenos Aires, Argentina, VI 2013
Gold & silver medal of Photographic Federation of Argentina FAF
and honourable mention oh FAF & FIAP in FAF 2012 Internacional Salon Argentina
Honourable Mention "Fotoferia International" 2013 - Poland
Walk in clouds
Honourable mention - "Arizona Photographic Society EID" 2012 - U.S.A.
Photo Salon under patronage of FSS "Cacak" 2012 - Serbia
2nd award for shot "Layer cake"
18th International photo contest "Interphoto" 2012 - Italia
Special prize for shot: "Valley of gold"
Valley of gold
FIAP International Photo Salon "Zagreb" 2012 - Croatia
Salon honourable mention
FIAP International Photo Salons "Finland Circuit" 2012 - Finland
Brown Medal PSA - 4th Salon Carelia 2012
FIAP International Photo Salon "Kumanovo" 2012 - Macedonia
Gold Medal IAAP - International Association of Art Photographers
FIAP International Photo Salon "Child" 2012 - Serbia
GRAND PRIX for the best photo & FIAP Gold medal
Child 2012
FIAP International Photo Salon "Smederevo" 2012 - Serbia
FSS Honourable Mention (Serbian Photo Association)
EU Region
FIAP International Photo Salon "City Life" 2012 - Leskovac, Serbia
FSS Honourable Mention (Serbian Photo Association)
FIAP International Photo Salon "Ecological Truth" 2012 - Serbia
FIAP Honourable mention
Shot: "Active shopping"
F2 FIAP Salon International, 2012
PSA Honourable mention
Shot "Active shopping"
Lens on development - II prize on prestigeous International photo contest under patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

Category: Water - source of life and health - (Photo essay).

November 2011

Piotr Trybalski, Vincent Baillais, Frederique Founes, Anna Fox, Jerzy Gumowski, Artur Heller, Tom Hunter, David Kaszlikowski, Janusz Musiał, Andrzej Pągowski, Marek Straszewski, Ivonne Thein, Marek Waśkiel, Roderyk Więcek, Magda Wunsche and People from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Polska pomoc
The land of million suns
Fotoklub Osijek

5th Croatian International Photo Salon - Osijek 2011 (Croatia)

FIAP Honorable Mention (FIAP ribbon)

Picture: "Land of million suns"
FIAPThe walk
EU Region

1st International Exhibition of Photography - Leskovac 2011 Serbia

FIAP Gold Medal - Travel

Picture: "The walk"
Soul of Mr Hitchcock
7th International Photography Exhibition - ROCK Serbia

PSA Gold Medal

Picture: "Soul of Mr Hitchcock"

1st International Exhibition of Photography - Aleksinac 2012 Serbia

FIAP Gold Medal
The last cruise

6th international Salon of Art Photography "Pokrova Vernisage 2011" - Rivne, Ukraine

NPAUU Diploma - Diploma of National Society Photo Artists of Ukraine

Photo: "The last cruise"

11th Malmo International Exhibition of Photographic Art - Malmo, Sweden

FIAP Honourable Mention - FIAP RIBBON

Photo: "The last cruise"
MaketThis photo was used by Rivne Theatre as a main poster claimed premiere of art performance. Here is a project of the poster:
International Photo Exhibition "Men and Work" - Photoclub Bor - Serbia
Photoclub Bor
Active shopping

Salon Praise

Man and Work section
Photo: "Active shopping"
Soul of Mr Hitchcock

Salon Praise

Open colour section
Photo: "Soul of Mr Hitchcock"
5th Internaional Salon of Digital Photography - CELJE

Salon Bronze medal - picture "Soul of Mr Hitchcock"
Section: Travel
Soul of Mr Hitchcock
Photo: "Soul of Mr Hitchcock" officially signed by National Geographic.

The same shot shortlisted to the main judging in Photographer of The Year POTY international contest
Honorable mention for shot "Life in colur" - International contest judged by Steve Winter - National Geographic photographer
Steve Winter Photo
Steve Winter Photo
Clear target

Photo: "We have clear target gentleman !"

Awarded Honorable Mention in Photographer Of The Year International Digital Camera Magazine competition, 2008.

Section: Creative vision
Photo Prestige
Photo: "The land of million suns" has won Photo Prestige 2001 contest powered by Lens producer Sigma.
1st prize in landscape category, August 2011